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  • Brighter $TSLA ⚡

    Dive into the heart of Tesla's journey with our⚡Brighter $TSLA plan. Enjoy monthly access to a comprehensive resource hub of over 15 modules filled with vital insights for the $TSLA investor. Stay informed, stay connected, and stay inspired by Tesla's evolution.

  • 2003 to 2021 Milestones

    See the ENTIRE milestone list for Tesla since its founding. Every milestone such as the Model S reveal, the launch of Autopilot, Giga Shanghai and beyond.

  • 2022 Milestones

    For many of us $TSLA investors, the year 2022 is one we’d rather forget. With 2 Giga Factories launched this was a year of both all time highs and all time lows.

  • 2023 Milestones

    See the key milestones for Tesla those completed and those yet to come. The year 2023 will end up in history as the year that broke the Legacy Auto Industry.

  • 2024 Milestones

    Follow along to see the key milestones for 2024 be completed!

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As an investor in $TSLA myself since 2012, I create videos for the $TSLA investor and am known as "The $TSLA Milestones Guy" as I track the key upcoming catalysts.

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