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  • $TSLA 2003-2021 All Time Milestones (Extended Version)

    See the most important links, articles and videos for the ENTIRE milestone list for Tesla since its founding. This is the most comprehensive list of Tesla Milestones documenting history in the making.

  • $TSLA 2022 Milestones (Extended Version)

    See the most important links, articles and videos for the year we’d all rather forget. But make no mistakes about it, Tesla continued to hit milestones after milestones out of the park.

  • $TSLA 2023 Milestones (Extended Version)

    See the most important links, articles, and videos for the key milestones for Tesla since the start of the year and the milestones yet to come. The year 2023 will end up in history as the year that broke the Legacy Auto Industry.

  • Executives and Board Members

    The all-star team leading the charge at Tesla

  • More Than a Car Company

    $TSLA is not just a car company!

  • Elon Musk’s Contribution

    How is Elon Musk contributing to humanity? The world ought to be more thankful. Elon deserves more credit for his love of humanity 🙏

  • Master Plans

    Tesla’s Masterplans Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

  • Earnings Calls

    Earnings Call - Reports, Transcripts and Videos

  • Financial Charts

    Updated as of 2023 Q2

    From Cern Basher @cernbasher

  • $TSLA Share Ownership

    Top shareholders and their share ownership percentage

  • Tesla Creators

    Top Tesla YouTubers and X Creators

  • Tesla Moments

    Updated daily, the key moments (not just milestones) with links to videos, articles and tweets

  • Important X Posts (Tweets)

    Updated daily, the most important posts on X (Twitter)

  • Discounted Cash Flow

    $TSLA forecasts using DCF

  • Earnings Estimates

    Earnings estimates for each quarter